The United Methodist Church of Enfield
Monday, April 19, 2021
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The "Yes We Can" Ministry Pulls For Shriner's Children's Hospital

The “Yes We Can” Ministry continues to collect bottles and cans that are redeemed for the deposits. The money from the deposits goes to emerging missions in the world. The last collection totaled 4,140 cans and bottles! 


But wait, there’s more! Before the cans are returned Don Crouser removes the aluminum pull tabs and saves them separately. These tabs are donated to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. Many organizations help the hospital by collecting tabs – you may even have seen a collection box at your local library.


One group that has collected tabs for years is the Springfield Garden Club in Springfield, MA.

Club member Margot Eckert coordinates tab collections from all member clubs of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM) and delivers them to the Shriner’s Hospital in Springfield. Margot wrote an article for the Mayflower, the quarterly newsletter from the GCFM. Following is an excerpt from that article that explains exactly what happens to all those tabs…


“ The local chapter of The Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America Helma Court No. 64 oversees the recycling tabs project for the Hospital. The process is simple: tabs from all of the donating organizations are collected in barrels at the Hospital and weighed and sold to an aluminum recycling company. Based on the weight of the tabs times the value of aluminum on that particular day, a check is sent to the Helma Court which contacts the hospital's administrator to find out what items are needed for direct patient care. For the past 30 years, the proceeds of the tabs project have funded the purchase of many medical and non-medical items for the patients at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children, including wheel chairs; a Computerized Pressure Mapping System used in evaluating pressure distribution for patients requiring customized wheelchair seating; balance pads; an Arthrometer used to measure the degree of instability in the knee; and supplies for the Child Life Department to help keep the children’s spirits high during their treatment stays.


How can a tiny, almost weightless, pull tab be worth the effort? First, it doesn’t take much to save pull tabs which add up quickly. By contrast, cans take up space, smell, attract bugs, and require a storage facility. Just the pull tabs, however, collected in bags and boxes from all of our garden clubs, are clean, and many thousands can fit in the back of my car. Remember, the cans may still be returned for deposit even after the tabs are removed.


Here’s the “Tab-ulation”:

About 1,640 tabs equal one pound

1 Gallon milk jug holds about 3 pounds

1 Large oatmeal container = 2 pounds

1 Sandwich sized Ziploc bag = .5 pound

1 copy paper box = 24 pounds


Think of each tab as a small act of kindness which helps recycle a valuable metal and helps a child in need at the Shriner’s Hospital. Big things can be accomplished with the tiny tabs if we all “pull” together!”

Please continue to collect cans and bottles.  The next drop-off date will be at the end of July in the church parking lot. For more information on the “Yes We Can” Ministry, contact Don Crouser

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