The United Methodist Church of Enfield
Monday, September 28, 2020
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

September 9, 2020

To all of God’s people in Enfield and beyond –

There’s no two ways about it – reading the Bible is challenging.   Depending on the translation of your Bible, you could be reading it in 17th century English (King James Version, 1st published in 1611), mid-20th century English (Revised Standard Version, 1952) or early 21st century English (Common English Bible, 2011).  Add on to the difficulties in moving from ancient Hebrew and Greek into English, plus the rich nature of the subject material (God’s activity among humanity for the past few thousand years), and you have a recipe for frustration. 

We want so badly to know what the words of God have to say to us in this time and in this place.  Throughout our lives – the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens – we want to understand more fully how God can speak to us.  But we just don’t know where to begin. 

This fall there will be two ways to build deeper and stronger connections with the Word of God.  First, our new worship series: Wisdom for All Ages – Children’s Books & The Bible.   Being a child is hard.  Becoming a grownup doesn’t make things all that much easier.  The wonderful world of picture books helps children began to learn to navigate the world, in all its complexity and beauty.  The wonderful words in the Bible help adults learn how to face the world with all of its mountain top and valley moments, filled with God’s grace.  In this 4-part worship series, we’ll use children’s picture books as a window into scripture.  The children’s book will be read at the beginning of the service, as a way to encourage young participants in worship. Adults and older youth will hear in the sermon the way these books illuminate the good news.  First up on September 13: Horton Hears a Who!, the well known Dr. Seuss book, and how it illuminates Romans 12:1-8. 

Second, I’ll be leading an online version of Bible 101, a 4-class course that is for Bible beginners.  Bible 101 will be offered on Zoom, available to both computer and phone participants.  You’ll learn about the Bible’s history and the ways it continues to inspire believers. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the Bible, and be strengthened in incorporating the Bible into their life.  The classes will include an overview of the Bible, classes on the Old Testament and the New Testament, along with a close look at the Gospel of John.  No times or dates yet – I’m thinking of offering both a daytime and an evening class.  Please let me know of your interest (office: 860-745-6241; email: 

But above all else, considering participating in worship on Sundays in one of three ways: listening by telephone, watching on Facebook, or being in the sanctuary.  Together we listen and learn, hope and pray, lament and rejoice – together, with Christ in our midst.

Peace & grace,
Pastor Janet