A Welcome Message From Pastor Janet

Peace be with you!

We’re so glad you reached this page on our website. That means you are doing more than just
passing through – you are curious about the nature of this congregation. Your curiosity is a sign
of your wondering (and perhaps wandering?) about your faith journey, and what it means to be a
follower of Jesus Christ. In ‘churchy’ language, we call that curiosity prevenient grace, meaning
God is already at work in your heart and mind and soul. What good news!

Here at The United Methodist Church of Enfield, we encourage growth in all of the ways God
asks us to love Jesus – with all of our heart and mind and soul and body. Growth occurs through
long-standing ministries and emerging ministries. Here are a few of the ways we love Jesus and
his people in the world.

Worship – Through our worship service at 10am each Sunday (in the sanctuary and
online), we encourage people to draw close to God’s Word in Jesus through God’s word
in scripture. Want to check us out? Watch our services live on Sunday or later on our
Facebook page  or our YouTube channel.

Service in the Congregation – We share fellowship time after worship, along with meals
throughout the year. We also make prayer shawls to offer hope and joy to people in the downs and ups of life.

Service in the World – We serve the wider community through making one meal a month
at the local soup kitchen, supporting the local food pantry and domestic violence agency,
and the shelter for unhoused people. We share God’s Word with the world in fun
summer projects like “Where in the world is Jesus?”

Spiritual Formation Classes – Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the Bible –
we’re all learning all the time. We offer classes for adults to dive deeper into the Bible
and living as Christians today, along with a one-room Sunday School for children.

Through the pandemic, many things changed in the life of this faith community, as happened in
other parts of our lives. We expect them to continue to change. But here’s the thing – Jesus
doesn’t invite us to be couch potatoes, or maintain the status quo. Jesus asks us to do two things:
To love the Lord with all of our heart and mind and soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
We love our rituals, but we also love to learn and grow – and growth as followers of Christ
means change.

So if you are thinking of making a change in your life, and coming to a church for the first time –
hallelujah! If you are thinking of making a change in your life, and return to a faith community –
hallelujah! We are praying in advance that you will experience joy and challenge here at UMC
Enfield, and will also become a deeper, stronger follower of Jesus.

We look forward to meeting you.

Peace & grace,
Pastor Janet